Who we are

  • We are a part of the fast growing company Defactim BV
  • Defactim BV consists of a network of entrepeneurial actuaries and others
  • We are involved in insurance, pensions and the new world applications for data, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

What we do

  • We keep up to all IFRS17 history, changes and issues. Please check our linked in group
  • We can assist in all aspects of embedding IFRS17 in your organisation
  • We have a big 4 background and a minimum experience of five years in change programs like Solvency Ⅱ

Where we are

  • We are based in Netherlands and expanding our partner network globally

When we work

  • When working for you we will always be clear on what you can expect when and for what costs

Why we would like to connect

  • Since IFRS17 is a major change all available recourses worldwide need to connect
  • We can connect work and people globally